Repairs Service Standards

Our Repairs Service Standards outline what you can expect from us in terms of repairs, and what we expect from you in return. 

Please read these before getting in touch about a repair. If you feel that we have not met any of these standards, do please contact us. If something has gone wrong, we want to know about it so we can put it right.

You can call us on 0115 915 2222 or contact us by email

We will:

  • provide a first-class repair and maintenance service
  • provide a fair and equal service to all customers
  • always be polite and treat you with respect
  • keep our promises to you - if we say we will do something then we will do it
  • keep your personal information secure, and use it to provide personalised services in response to your individual needs and preferences
  • offer a range of contact options that allow you to access our services in the way that suits you
  • make sure our website is easy to use, and that you can access our services online
  • provide a 24/7 telephone response service - when you call we will answer promptly, introduce ourselves and provide a named contact for you if we cannot resolve your enquiry immediately
  • offer repairs through our contact number 0115 915 2222 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) or by email 
  • offer an emergency repairs service outside working hours using the same telephone numbers.
  • keep our appointments with you 
  • keep you informed about anything which affects your home and make sure that you are consulted about major decisions which affect you 
  • provide you with information that is clear, easy to understand, and jargon free
  • be highly visible in your communities, and make sure staff are well equipped to help you when they are out and about
  • listen to your feedback and ask for your views to inform improvements to our service
  • offer ways for you to be actively involved in setting high standards for us and monitoring our performance against those standards
  • provide a complaints procedure which will include an option to have your complaint heard by a senior manager if not resolved to your satisfaction
  • provide you with feedback on our performance, which tells you how we are doing
  • send you an appointment reminder by text
  • call you when we are on our way to your appointment
  • carry out gas and electric checks on time
  • regularly survey you to find out if you’re happy with our service and we will leave a satisfaction card behind after every repair for you to tell us how we did
  • for priority or planned works, offer you appointments where you need to be in for us to do work – and ways to change appointments when you can no longer keep them.

 We ask that you:

  • look after your home and garden
  • maintain boundaries and hedges
  • report repairs promptly and being honest about the nature of the repair - i we believe that you have exaggerated the nature of the repair to gain a quicker response you may be charged for the call-out
  • provide our staff and contractors with safe and reasonable access to your home
  • provide access for gas and electricity checks to safeguard your own and your neighbours' safety
  • make sure there is credit on your electricity and gas meters when we attend for gas or safety checks
  • don't smoke while our staff or contractors are working in your home.
  • make sure that there is a responsible adult present when our contractors attend - this means the tenant or someone aged 18 or over
  • keep appointments made. or inform us at the earliest opportunity if appointments can’t be kept
  • keep the property and internal decoration in good, well-maintained order
  • repair damage that you have caused
  • get our written permission to carry out any improvements to your home which may affect the structure or fixtures and fittings maintained by us
  • leave the property and the inside decoration in a clean and tidy condition when you end your tenancy. If this is not the case we’ll charge you for the cost of repairs and the clearance of rubbish. This will include the removal of floor coverings unless it has been agreed that these can remain.